Interim Management











Interim Manager Profile


Interim Managers are experienced, highly qualified, hands-on, pragmatic executives with the skills and abilities to deliver an immediate and lasting impact.

They take initiative, they have excellent project management and communication skills and they demonstrate a high organizational awareness.

Interim Managers assume executive responsibility, with a clear mandate to act, which differentiates them from consultants.

They are mostly ‘over-qualified’ for the assignments they undertake, and have successfully addressed similar challenges to those faced by their clients.



Interim Management Assignments


An Interim Manager could assist a client during a transition period by temporarily assuming any of the responsibilities assumed by Executives or Project/Program Managers.


Some examples include:


- temporary replacement of a senior executive

- implementation of a new strategy

- expansion into new markets


- management of a start-up

- organizational changes

- change management


- going through an acquisition, a merger or a de-merger

- integration of different organizations


Distinction between an Interim Manager and a Consultant


Management consultants advise and recommend.

Interim managers advise, recommend and IMPLEMENT.

An Interim Manager becomes a full member of the management team of the client company for the duration of the assignment.


Why hiring an Interim Manager ?


Companies facing change must move quickly and manage the risks.

But experienced change managers are hard to find, and traditional recruitment methods are slow and carry a high opportunity cost.

Hiring an Interim Manager will rapidly develop a hands-on solution in close collaboration with the client.


Interim Management costs


Daily fees of an Interim Manager vary according to a number of criteria, including complexity and impact of the assignment, level of the function, duration of the assignment, risk levels etc.

Since clients only pay for the actual days worked by the Interim Manager, the cost of an Interim Manager compares most favorably with the full cost of a permanent manager.

After all, the total cost of a permanent manager is not limited to a salary, but is topped with social security, bonuspayments, holidays, company car, sickness leave, training, insurances and various fringe benefits.








Part Time Interim Management


Interim Managers can be hired part-time, on a daily or on a weekly basis