"Nothing will work, until you do"

Maya Angoulou

As an independent and strategic thinker, there is nothing I like better than the challenge of starting and developing a business, diving into complex organizational issues, defining what needs to be done, and implementing an agreed action plan.


With over 30 years of experience in both small and multi-national companies, I have served in various executive leadership positions with global responsibilities. I started my own company, with the help of venture capital, and I was lucky to be part of some great growth stories.


My career spans from managing international sales teams, growing high-tech business units, running a company-wide change management program, acquiring and integrating high-tech organizations and working as an ex-pat.


I am an Electronics Engineer (Master – Free University of Brussels), fluent in Dutch, English and French, with a knack for creating and developing successful high-tech businesses.


Strategic Mindset

Vision, creativity, and competence in execution

Independent and Decisive

Stands on his own and takes responsibility for his own actions

Resourceful and Determined

Dedicated to the work, goal-oriented

Diligent and resourceful Interim Manager, seeking assignments in the area of Start-ups, Business Development, M&A and Organizational Change.


Broad experience in starting, acquiring, integrating, developing and running profitable high-tech companies in a multicultural B-to-B environment


Full Profit & Loss responsibility for businesses in Belgium, France, Germany and Canada

Analytical, Logical, Rational

Excels at analyzing complex business issues and proposing workable solutions


Innovation and Effectiveness Values Innovation and Effectiveness more than just about any other quality

Open-minded and Direct Communicator

Intellectually receptive, promotes open communication




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